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Jean you cannot believe the freedom and confidence that I have lately after our session a week ago.Spirit is amazing . Without any pill taken to remedy my condition, I am getting stronger everyday. I feel so liberated and finally released from my bondage. I am now able to plan ahead and have even purchased microsoft WORD software to start writing a book about my soul journey as recommended by spirit. I never dreamt I could write anything.. As a matter of fact, I have written the first two pages already. Every time I sit on the computer, stuff begins to flow out and I’m amazed at how I get carried away. Your gift is amazing.I will not hesitate to recommend other souls to you! – Once more thank you so much for your help. Lots of love! ~ M. C. from Canada

It has been my privilege to have a past life regression, a Tarot reading and Aura-Soma reading with Jean Luo. She has also counseled me on my Astrological readings as well. Jean is very kind and understanding, and her insightful readings have brought meaning to my life, amongst the chaos I have struggles with. Jean is very patient, and brings great examples of her own experiences to share, which has helped me to understand what is happening in my life. She is intuitive, and it continues to amaze me how much she knows, without my ever having to tell her. She has great wisdom, and is willing to help in so many ways. Her talents in the metaphysical realm are a great gift to the world! I highly recommend that anyone wishing to find answers to their life questions contact Jean and have a reading. It will greatly help you on your path. ~ L. T. from Washington, USA

Hi Jean, Just to say thank you for the really powerful session on Saturday. Things were really stressing me out in the lead up to the regression, including trying to ensure the kids were sleeping and would not get out of bed, plus having to deal with a pesky mouse that decided to make its presence known that night, after days of not being seen! It even ventured into the living room where I was sitting when the video call had started, just to freak me out even more! I’m not sure how much of my stress came across or if it affected the session in some way. Nonetheless, I was really taken with what I experienced. I wasn’t really expecting to feel the emotions I felt and to react in that way. I was actually quite conscious that I should try to ensure my responses were indeed authentic and not just images my mind decided to conjure up, so I think that’s why some of my responses were a bit delayed (it was a bit like I was double-checking everything before I came out with it!). I have to say I have felt a lot lighter over the last couple of days and I feel as if I have a new positivity going forward. It is as if a weight has been lifted. ~ M. M. from United Kingdom

I was so so surprised that the shift is immense. Omg Jean how can I thank you from deep deep in my heart I bow in gratitude. And yes i know and i feel it too that I need to detach. Thank you so my beautiful friend. I am so grateful for you. Love you so much! ~ K. S. from Iceland

Jean thank you very much for your advice on the questions. You are really good! I have not received such a detailed, accurate counseling like yours before. Those inner nagging , ways of behavior, fears and lessons I am learning now, are suddenly all coming to light. It feels as if a load of weight was removed, so much lighter in spirit. I will follow your advice to improve those areas that need much healing. Thank you!  You have a lot of talent and extra psychic sense. I enjoyed this counseling a lot. ~ D. from Singapore

Hi Jean, Just to say I am so grateful for our session. I feel it has really shifted me and I feel good to go! Telling me about your Pennsylvania experience has shifted blame and resentment from me somehow! And I had a lot! Also I no longer have any feelings for this guy I told you about. I will just move on. Interestingly I said to him last week – you humiliated me! Obviously I was speaking from the past life but didn’t know! I feel so much freer, thanks Jean! Thanks Jean! I feel so free. This weight I’ve carried and been ashamed of for my whole life has gone! Thank you! ~ S. H. from United Kingdom

As I was reflecting your comments, I have to agree with you. My heart is becoming more and more open all the time and I can see where you are coming from. I think that the more open your heart is, the more you are detached from many things and you are becoming an observant and see things for what they are. ~ M. C. from Oklahoma, USA

You perform miracles my friend. I feel so blessed to have seen so many of my incarnations in your loving care. Namaste! ~ H. S. from Australia