Today (July 13th, 2017) is the anniversary of Margaret’s passing. A year ago, she left us and returned home to the world of Spirit suddenly due to pneumonia. Because this happened so sudden and unexpected, we, Alan, Korinne, Ratna and I, who have lived with her the last few years of her life, were affected greatly as the sense of security she provided for us evaporated overnight, and the comfort zone we felt with her was removed with her passing.  Since that day, our life was inevitably changed and transformed.

I had never envisioned my life without Margaret and Maitreya since 2003 when I flew to Tambourine Mountain on the Gold Coast of Australia to take the Master of Metaphysics Beginner Course with Margaret and Maitreya.  Their teaching and guidance completely transformed my life and me. Margaret and Maitreya became a very important part of my life, and I have become a better soul through their teaching, guidance, love and friendship. Thus, I was hit very hard by her passing. Without her in my life, I didn’t know what life would bring to us, and what kind future lay ahead of us. It brought to the surface all my deeply buried fears and insecurities along with all other negative emotions that I needed to deal with as part of my learning. I was even unaware of some of them until they came to the surface through this life-changing event.

In the past year, Alan, Korinne, Ratna and I, the four of us have gone through an incredible grieving process – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. During this process, we have been dealing with the feeling of loss, confusion, fear, insecurity, guilt, angry, doubt, and all other “negative emotions” as we continue to work through our karma, past life energy and life lessons individually and collectively with each other. At times, it seemed to become very hard when the karma, past life energy and life lessons all became intertwined in our everyday life, accompanied with the deep and intensive emotional energy that is constantly coming to the surface from our deep subconscious from this life as well as past lives. This process has been an incredible healing journey. As we have dealt with emotions coming to the surface, we have become more vibrant and much lighter. This ordeal has allowed me to see the purpose and blessings of going through this experience from a higher perspective. This understanding has enabled me to genuinely appreciate Margaret and Maitreya, and life even more.

Margaret and Maitreya brought us back to Seattle where we resided before leaving for India in 2013. They helped us move in and get settled in a very beautiful and comfortable home in the Renton area before her passing. They also provided a means for us to live comfortably without her physical presence, although we were all learning lessons around money and other matters as a group. We might not have what we wanted, but we had all we needed, as Margaret so often would say. When I have doubt and abject fear, I can always sense them with me, gently guiding me from the other side, providing me insight and answers through intuition and dreams.

During this past year, without Margaret and Maitreya’s physical presence, Alan, Korinne, Ratna and I, the four of us have gone through an incredible learning and healing process. We have learned and grown so much from this experience. We have gained some deep understanding about life and about ourselves, and we have attained much inner strength and soul growth. More than anything, we have been constantly reminded that we are never alone! Margaret, Maitreya and Spirit are here with us all the time from the other side of the veil. They were with us each step along the journey, especially when we were fighting our Self and struggling with our own emotions. They have been constantly sending us love and healing energy, as well as guidance through our intuition to lead us forward to our true destiny, but they have patiently stood aside with compassion and total acceptance when necessary so as to not interfere in our learning. Their unconditional love has enabled us to go through this testing and trial period to allow an incredible intensive soul purging to unfold which has allowed much learning, healing and growth to take place.

A few days ago, Aurora, an ascended Master whom Margaret used to channel, we called her SISTER, channeled through Alan to me. She conformed everything we have learned and gained through this experience. Her confirmation was very informative, encouraging, comforting and uplifting; she reaffirmed the compassion and unconditional love we have received from the world of Spirit. She told me that they had a big welcome home party when Margaret returned home. All her graduates who passed before her were also all there to welcome her home. It is also a reassurance that Margaret has been with us all the time as we have felt and experienced her presence, confirming it is not our imagination, but the fact. No wonder I cannot help smiling whenever I think about her! She is so vibrant, happy and joyful with incredible energy! She can be everywhere around the world and be with anyone who needs her guidance and help. Now, without physical restriction, she can use her powerful energy freely and more effectively to its full potential to assist our human journey on the Earth Plane.

Looking back on what we have experienced in the past year, Alan, Korinne, Ratna and I have all grown closer and more open to accept whatever life brings to us. We are still together and have become stronger. As we continue to work through our karma, past life energy and karmic life lessons, our acceptance, understanding and respect for each other has also been growing stronger. We are able to let go and assist each other to move forward. Love is our essence and gratitude is the key to cultivating the unconditional love we all strive for. I am grateful that we have been able to learn from this experience. I am grateful for the opportunities that we have been given to grow through this difficult learning experience of Margaret’s passing. I am grateful in the feeling that we have become betters soul through this learning and healing process.

On this special day of Margaret’s passing a year ago, with deep gratitude, I sincerely thank Margaret, for being my teacher, mentor and dearest friend as always. I am deeply grateful for her, Aurora and Maitreya, as well as all those who are assisting us from the world of Spirit, and for all souls who have touched us and have been fellow travelers on this earthly life journey, without you, we would not be where we are today. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! We are indeed very blessed!

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