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As we entered the month of July, there is a lot of action at 28 degrees of the zodiac – Chiron turns retrograde at 28 degree Pisces, Uranus at 28 degree Aries is square to Mars and to the Sun, as well as a number of aspects to Mercury. Because it is heavily aspected, we [...]

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Grief is Necessary for Healing

  Grief is one of the human experiences that everyone has to go through sooner or later in one’s life. Throughout our human life, we all will have to experience the loss, whether it is a loved one, dear friend, a pet, or something dear and important in life. Loss always creates pain because it [...]

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Today (July 13th, 2017) is the anniversary of Margaret’s passing. A year ago, she left us and returned home to the world of Spirit suddenly due to pneumonia. Because this happened so sudden and unexpected, we, Alan, Korinne, Ratna and I, who have lived with her the last few years of her life, were affected [...]

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