1709, 2017

The Purpose of Break

Life is a journey of constant change playing out on the world or national stage affecting us on a collective or personal level. Mother Earth is a perfect example of constant change, not only through [...]

1009, 2017

My New Book – My Journey to Superconsciousness

Life on the Earth Plane is a school. All of us are here to attend the school of learning through all sorts of life lessons we have chosen to experience. The purpose is to attain [...]

409, 2017

Life is An Illusion

Life is nothing, but an illusion. All we have and do in our life on the Earth Plane – people, materials, and surroundings, are all an illusion that we are given to play and to [...]

3108, 2017

Embracing New Energy and Change

The energy we have been experiencing in August is greatly intensified, not only because we have just experienced a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th and also a total Solar Eclipse in Leo on [...]

2208, 2017

Watching Total Solar Eclipse

Watching real time totality of Solar Eclipse at Madras, Oregon was an incredible and breathtaking experience yesterday morning. Although it was only two minutes of the 100% totality, it was a lifetime worthy event. The [...]

1308, 2017


Learning to have patience is one of the hardest lessons we need to learn when we are in the process of Spiritual development or when we are working with Spirit. We live in a conditioned [...]

3007, 2017

Change Habits and Conditioning

One of the purposes of our earthly incarnation is to move away from old habits, patterning and past – life conditioning, and to grow in Spirit. As such, we all have carried certain habits, old [...]

2307, 2017


As we entered the month of July, there is a lot of action at 28 degrees of the zodiac – Chiron turns retrograde at 28 degree Pisces, Uranus at 28 degree Aries is square to [...]

1707, 2017

Grief is Necessary for Healing

  Grief is one of the human experiences that everyone has to go through sooner or later in one’s life. Throughout our human life, we all will have to experience the loss, whether it is [...]

1207, 2017


Today (July 13th, 2017) is the anniversary of Margaret’s passing. A year ago, she left us and returned home to the world of Spirit suddenly due to pneumonia. Because this happened so sudden and unexpected, [...]