1302, 2018

Eclipses – the Force of Change

We are in the 1st Lunar and Solar Eclipses of the Eclipse season of 2018. The 1st Eclipse was on January 31st, a Super Blue Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo and [...]

102, 2018

Pursuing the Freedom of the Higher Self

I have been sick for the past 10 days, clearing away some of the deep unexpressed energy from my throat, sinus, and chest area. Although I did not have a fever, the clearing during this [...]

3101, 2018

Super Blue Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Alan and I got up at 3:15 am and went outside of our house to see and experience the first total Lunar Eclipse of the “Super Blue Blood Moon” in 2018. Unfortunately, we only got [...]

1601, 2018

Focus on Living Our Own Life

By learning from my own life experiences in the past 14 years, I have come to the realization that everyday life is a Spiritual practice. Everything we deal with in our life is a Spiritual [...]

3112, 2017

Letting Go of the Old and Moving into the New Year of 2018

Time flies so fast, in a blink, here comes 2018. Although I wondered where the year 2017 went, looking back I still cannot believe that I actually have gone through a lot of changes and [...]

2711, 2017


Communication is one of the most important and key factors in all human relationships. What we communicate and how we communicate can lead to positive results in relating to each other – unite, support, respect, [...]

2111, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I have deep gratitude to all my FB friends and all my friends around the world! Thanksgiving is always special to me. Every year in the morning of this special day, [...]

3010, 2017


Everything in the human world is interconnected. We are all related to someone or something from the very beginning of our birth. Thus, relating is one of the most important aspects of our daily lives, [...]

1510, 2017


The Photon energy has been really working on assisting humanity to make radical changes so that the whole human race of the Earth Plane can move forward in vibration and consciousness, and evolve from the [...]

110, 2017

What Is Disease?

As I am more and more applying metaphysical understanding to my own life and life experiences, especially dealing with all sorts of physical pain and discomfort on a daily basis, I am more convinced that [...]