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The 5-day Intensive Private Study is individually created for you based on your life plan in this incarnation and where you are at in the process of your Spiritual development.  This program is only offered in-person; you can travel to Renton, WA, USA to work with Jean and Alan. The study and the energy is tailored for your specific needs during your stay. They will direct your course of study along with the assistance of Margaret/Maitreya from the World of Spirit. Jean and Alan worked with Margaret/Maitreya to do many of these individual courses during the last 2 years of Margaret’s life. This format yielded incredible success in assisting those wanting to take their development to the next level. If you need extra assistance or a personal request in certain topics that you consider relevant to your life, or are dealing with personal emotional issues, or any other needs in regards to raising your consciousness, this study is a great opportunity for you. Each day of the 5-day study will also include time for meditation and for personal healing.

You will stay with us in Renton, WA so that you will be in the Spiritual energy all the time during the 5 days. The fee for the 5-day Intensive Private Study is $3,000 (USD); this includes accommodations while you are staying with us for the 5-day course. You are also welcome to study as a couple. 10% discount will be applied for couples. However, you are responsible for your flight tickets.

Possible topics for the study include:

  • Metaphysics and Energy of life
  • Astrology
  • How to raise your vibration – levels of consciousness
  • Past life, past life energy and past life regression
  • You, your life and your life lessons
  • Emotion and emotional detachment
  • Color, color Healing and Chakras
  • Healing energy and Healing modalities – Sound, crystals, flower essences, essential oils and hands on healing, etc.
  • Conscious living – awareness, balance between body, mind and soul.

Email me at info@jeanluo.com with any questions you may have. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am here to assist you. Thank you!